Friday, October 31, 2008


Oh no, it's not Christmas yet but Halloween.
I just wanted to wish you a wonderful week-end.
Here an old picture taken 3-4 years ago.
How beautiful kids can be!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Meningen med fotograferingen idag var att Linda-Marie (make-up artisten) håller på att göra en avslutningsexamen innan hon är klar med utbilningen hos Make Up and Hair.

Vi ringde Sandra som ställde upp och satt stilla 2 timmar men hade det ganska så bra tror jag med Linda som pysslade om henne. Thema var LUFT. Vad säger ni?
Stackars Sandra frös lite gran men vi få vara nöjda med resultated!


The good old swiss trains...reliable, in time, and for all the train lovers and collectors, who does not remember Märklin the famous brand of small trains.

But here we go, I got you a original SWISS train just for you and STOP don't touch it. We don't know how long we are going to see them before, what do I know, ufos, planes and other ultra modern stuff take over.

And if you never went with the train then you have to train it in Switzerland of course, up and down from the alps, enjoying the small villages and the cities passing by. It's really worth a try!

For more informations check out


Now we are talking about ladies!!

Helga, 93 if I remember well. A lady of a special kind.
A friend of my mother that lives in a very nice place in Ascona.

I visited her during my short visit in Lugano this year together with my friend Kerstin.
We stayed for short time and talked with her and had a walk in the garden. Then I asked her if it was ok if I took a portrait picture. First she didn't wanted but I convinced her that she was so beautiful with all the flowers in the background showing all ther wonderful wrinckles.

She has moved from so many places, lived throught the wars and has the chance to spend the rest of her life in the calm and sunny Ticino.
And I love to sit close to alderly people telling stories of their life. So many things you can learn.


Just to continue the trip into my home country Switzerland and better said my wonderful cantone TICINO (red and blue on the coat of arms) I would like to share with you a great lovely good, saucy, tasty food.

Polenta (mais)
Cervelat (Swiss most wellknown saussage)
French beans

Help me, because I am getting hungry now!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Now, people might ask what has Guinnea pigs to do with Chianti or any italian wines.

Let me tell you....

Once upon a time, there was a castle in Bellinzona, Canton Ticino, Switzerland. In the early summer days they had a big medieval feast and party. During these days you could see people eat and dance and sing and fight. There were plenty of amusements for all the visitors and one of them was the Guinnea pig wheel. What?

Well, as you can see in the picture there are a lot of small houses with a bottle of wine on it.

You tell the young lady that takes care of the game which number (house) you want to bet on and then she puts in the middle of the ring the guinnea pig. Now it's up to you to convince the little guinnea pig to go into your house.

Lukily my good friend Kerstin found a very good friend in the guinnea pig and we went home with a bottle of Chianti wine.

Monday, October 27, 2008

MODEL ME owner Eleonor

Here we go a portrait of one of my absolut most favourite models and very good friend Eleonor. She started as model and went out to Taiwan to model in her younger days. Today she has started her own company called MODEL ME MANAGEMENT and helps out with styling and model management.

This picture was taken in Gothenburg at the harbour under the brigde Älvsborg.

Friday, October 24, 2008


This week I was in Venice for 2 days, part of a family 5-days trip. I just wanted to share the first 2 pictures from this trip with you. It was the first time ever I was there and I just fell in love with Venice, from a photographic point of view. There is sooooooo much to take pictures of. I love to be close to the water. I think that it gives peace to my soul.
The weather was good and I didn't not find the town so crowded that it disturbed me.
The picture on the top shows the sign of Venice, the lion.
Down, you will see one of hundreds Gondola in the city. It costs 80 euro for half an hour, so I will put some money together for next time.

I shared my trip with my beloved partner Kåre and my little sister Cristina, my brother Emanuele and Giovanni, which I met for the first time in my life.
So the trip was definitively memorable!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Only three letters to say! W O W

Gårdagens fotografering var ett upplevelse för alla inblandade.

Modell: Fredrik från Arkadia Models
Stylist: Eleonor Feldt, Model Me
Make-up artist: Linda-Marie Karlsson
Fotograf: Cornelia Schmidt, Arkadia Foto
Assistent: Kajsa Silfverberg

Vi hade med oss även föräldrar och flickvännen av modellen.

Plats: Röda Sten och Gothia Towers lobby (vi tackar hotellet för att vi fick vara där, trots massor av besökare)

Några rader om väderförhållande och värmegrader.
Vi tog bilden under Älvsborgsbron. Det blåste och det var inte
mer än 11 max 12 grader, men det känndes kallare då det
blåste så otroligt mycket.
Jag tycker att bilden blev ganska lyckat med tankte att
det blåste på rätt håll i Fredriks långa hår. Make-up artisten
framhävde tydligt hans ansiktsdrag och Fredrik la in känslorna i bilden.


Monday, October 6, 2008


Saturday, 4th of october it was time to celebrate 5 years of Arkadia Foto.
Friends, customers, and family came. In the afternoon we had some activities for children and grow ups. Nina from 7Heaven gave head massages to customers. Angelica Sandén, my make-up artist painted some children / grown up children as cats and Mimmi (who was practising) took pictures of them.
Then it was time for the party in the evening. Pizza, kanelbulle, muffins, wine, chococalte, te and coffee was served.
Everybody brought wonderful flowers, which i am thankfull and chocolate and books.

Jouline and Jenny dances bellydance, my good friends Toril and Kerstin made up a song in italian telling the story about me coming to sweden and starting taking pictures. It was so fun!
Christer sang 2 italian songs and I had the opportunity to show my 10 favourite pictures.
I want to THANK YOU All for supporting me and my job and the studio, by helping me, when times are hard and encouraging to continue.

Friday, October 3, 2008


My good friend Peter borrowed me his Hasselblad last may while I was travelling to Öland.
He developped the film and scanned in some of the pictures taking on the island.
And here I share with you a picture of my partner Kåre, sitting close to a ship vreck at the very north tip of Öland.
Beside having problems because of the weight of the Hasselblad otherwise I just love the feeling given by the pictures. It's definitively something else. But I couldn't work with it every day, I do love my Canon indeed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I promised yesterday to put up the picture of little Edvin that I shooted yesterday. A lovely boy of 15 months, happy and social. When I opened the door to him he gave me a big big smile and that makes everything much easier. I wonder why people sometimes forget to smile.

It's for free, you can give it to someone and you will get it in return, because you can't start crying if you see someone laughing. So let's do like little Edvin and a lot of lovely kids in the world. SMILE, LAUGH and get other to SMILE.