Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's saturday and I am ready to go and celebrate my godchild 2nd birthday. I feel somehow happy and free and I would like to share 3 pictures taken in Zanzibar av children. Children, our future and our happiness.

    Afternoon, after school. The ocean has retired and will soon come back. Children in small groups from   
   the village meet at the beach. It's 33 degrees warm. They mother work out and plant seaweads.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Annamaria was born in Italy and moved for love to Sweden for an italian man.
She settled down in Gothenburg and owned for many years a frame shop. She painted in her spare times, she teached others in schools and had many art exhibition herself. She is an artist!
I met Annamaria many year ago, before she retired, in her little shop not far away from where I have today my photostudio and of course we started talking, italian.
I admire Annamaria. She has a wonderful energy, always up for a laugh though life hasn't been that nice all the time. She tells funny stories and fights to go on with life! So of course I wanted her in my project. Here I show you a vulnerable picture that I love a lot. A portrait of an artist.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


José Campos has been dancing Flamenco since his childhood. He has competed in ballroom several years. 100% spanish full bloded music crazy guy that has been raised up in Sweden.
I have known José for a few years now. He has been my model earlier and as weel my assistant in the studio last year.
It was a sure thing that I wanted to portrait him!
Thank you Josélito!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Taarab, also called tarabu or tarab, is Zanzibar's most popular music. Taarab is popularly known as Swahili wedding music, since taarab musicians and music are an essential part of these multi-day festivities. The east African coast has served as a center for trade with countries throughout the Middle East and Asia, and taarab music reflects many of the cultures which have passed through this region.

Through its years of development, taarabu has been an exceptionally inclusive art form, adapting and incorporating elements from Swahili, Arabic, Indian, Egyptian, and other cultures. This can be seen in the range of instruments used in taarab ensembles and orchestras which include Middle Eastern oud and dumbek, Indian tabla, western electric keyboards, and the Japanese taishokoto (described as a "banjo/typewriter-key hybrid"). Similarly, taarab rhythms reflect traditional ngoma dances like chakacha, Indian film scores, Cuban rumba, and various Zairean and East African dance music. Perhaps most importantly, taarab lyrics radiate with the allusive intricacies of Swahili poetry and showcase the beauty of this long, literary tradition.
The word taarab is of Arabic derivation and contains multi-layered meaning. Gilbert Rouget in Music and Trance explains taarab comes from "the verb tariba which means "'to be moved, agitated'...also signifies 'to excite, to want to move,' and hence 'to sing, to make music." Historically, taarab was first introduced to Zanzibar in 1870 by the Sultan Seyyid Barghash who brought a group of Egyptian musicians to his court. Barghash sent a Zanzibari musician, Ibrahim Muhammed, to study in Cairo and upon his return he formed the Zanzibar Taarab Orchestra. In 1905, Zanzibar's second music society, Ikwhani Safaa Musical Club, was established and continues to thrive today with around 35 active members. Ikhwani Safaa and Culture Musical Club (founded in 1958) remain the leading Zanzibar taarab orchestras.
Taarab's first modern superstar ascended in 1928 with the Swahili singer Siti bint Saad who appeared on hundreds of 78's, many of them recorded in India. Unlike the majority of taarab which was sung in Arabic, Saad sang in Swahili and presaged a change in the direction of the music. After her death in 1950, taarab lyrics became prominently Swahili, and more female singers appeared with formerly all-male musical clubs. Another dramatic turn occurred with the revolution of 1964's political push to de-arabacize the island and its cultural institutions. Some taarab clubs switched from Arabic to Swahili names, (although many have reverted back), and musical societies were fully opened to women members.


One evening in Stone Town we went out to experience Zanzibar food, beer and of course the well known Tarab Music. It was a really lovely evening. we sat on the floor and on very short legged tables we sat and enjoyed the allroud wonderful and relaxed atmosphere. Then the musicians came in and suddenly it really felt that we were somewhere in a movie.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


These are no facts but impression of todays visit at the TUR-Mässa in Gothenburg. Open today only for the branch people it was pretty much quiet. For the first time in all these years (12 years that I visit the TUR) the big and huge SAS monter was not there. The half of the upper floor with the swedish monters was gone.
A lot of empty spaces was to be find among few offers as it would have been the last years. What is happening?

Well, here some pictures from today's stroll. I will go back Sunday when it's open to the public and see if I can feel any difference.
Coz. I never left so early the TUR-fair.

Kerala monter

Vietnamese Monter

Öströö Fårfarm, close to Varberg

Saturday, March 17, 2012


and yesterday I had Henrik Rinascimento from Brazil, a photographer collegue. Well we had some fun in the studio and this is the result of one week thinking!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I samarbete med en underbar stylist och färgkonsult bjuder vi in dig till en klädvisning i vårens och sommarens tecken. Kläder från Capri Collection.

Du har även möjlighet att bli fotad i en av dessa plagg.
Bokar in din plats. Begränsat antal.
Stylist: Carina Näsman, CANASCO STIL & FÄRG
När: Lördag, 24 mars 2012
Tid: 14-17
Foto: Capri Collection

Thursday, March 8, 2012


8th of March 2012

Internation women's day!! To all of you girls and women a bunch of Mimosa flowers.
The picture was taken in Sicily 2006!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


in honour to all of us women!
Book your family pictures this week and you'll get 20% off.

Mother & daughter pictures?
Girlfriend pictures?
Or why not giving away some boudoir pictures of yourself to your beloved!

* * * *
Today I would like to share a pregnant picture with you.
Little Miranda is still there in her cosy belly and having a good time with her mom.
Really looking forward to see her in a few weeks for her first ever photoshoot.