Friday, October 30, 2009


Matti came today in my studio as part of my Ukulele project.

Tuesday he was here with the whole group UKULERUM from Lerum and there he was dressed as a cow-boy. Today we dedicated the shoot to his wonderful kilt and the banjo ukulele. I felt I wanted to have a rembrand portrait and a feeling of castle in the picture.


En CK castingkampanj är på G lite överallt. Modell Oskar frågade mig om jag hade lust att ta några underklädsbilder som han kunde skicka in till castingen för CK.

Idag var det dags och vi tog lite bilder. Här min favorit!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Nu är det dags att välja årets Partille Lucia.

Under de senaste 2 veckor så hade jag tjejerna i studio för att ta sina porträttbilder. Idag finns det röstlapparna i Partille Tidning att hämta och RÖSTA RÖSTA RÖSTA

Friday, October 23, 2009


Ett ögonblick, ett kort moment, där man fryser tiden. Barnen rör sig, snabbt och förändrar sig hela tiden. Deras ansikte och känslor. Det går fram och tillbaka, glädje, att fundera över nya saker, ledsna, överraskade, glada, busiga. Du hittar alla möjliga konstellationer inom korta sekunder. Idag så var Melvin och Elias i studion. Lille bror sprang och hade en hel för sig, som man brukar vara i den ålder. Det är bara at vänta tills den rätta bilden kommer. Som i detta fall, när mamma tog fram gitarren som hängde i studion.
Sen är man nyfiken. Vad är det för ett svärd? Är det äkta? Att sen få svärdet i handen var ju ännu häftigare. Skojar du? Nu var det ju dags att visa hur cool man var med svärdet, men även om barn försöker att ser grymma ut, det går ju inte. Eller det går på deras väldigt unika sätt.
Kolla här!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Another wonderful ukulele player joined me in the studio today together with his Banjo Ukulele from 1936 from THE GIBSON house. Ralph the happy owner was very proud of this wonderful ukulele. The choice to present the picture in sepia colour was due to the age of the ukulele.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Idag var lilla Elin på besök i studion för sin allra första fotografering. Ett väldigt lugn och trevligt barn som log till alla och tyckte att livet är underbar, så har jag uppfattad det. Det är så underbart att alla barn är så otroligt annorlunda och alla har sitt tempo. För min del behövde jag idag inte svettas. Elin var super cool.

Friday, October 16, 2009


As everybody knows I love here some new pictures of doors taken in my homecountry Switzerland. Please write me and tell me what do you see behind these doors...

Another brick in the wall......

Graffiti art in Lugano


A door can tell you a lot of stories....

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Since I have my Canon 5D Mark II with full sensor format, I do love the fact that I can use my wideangle 17mm. So here some cool pictures taken in Bellinzona and Lugano in June this year.



San Gottardo

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today I want to share with you some nice dessert that you can get in the Grottos (traditional restaurants in my homecanton Ticino).
These pictures have been taken at Grotto Tamé in Breganzona, Ticino

Typical wine from the region called "Cresperino" and the famous "Gazosa ticinese"
which I can't be without when I am there!

Sorbetto al limone - Lemon sorbet

Gelato alla vaniglia con frutta di bosco calda
Vanilla ice with warm berries

Pasta sfoglia con crema e composta di more
Pastry with cream and rasperries.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In May this year, during my visit to my mother I was invited for a very special lunch at the Hotel Defanti in Lavorgo . The owner Sandra is a very special woman. She arranges food festivities around the year with a special theme. By the time I was there the gastronomic week was dedicated to Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia.

The owner Sandra Defanti.

The food was prepared like the main parts of the Divina Commedia.
Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso. Here some of the marvellous dishes we got.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I thought I want to dedicate todays pictures to some of the people I have met during my holidays in Samos.

All started at the Tourist Fair in Gothenburg last spring. There I met Kleoniki who was working and representing Samos for the Tourist Office of Samos. This was also the main reason why we choose Samos as a destination for our holidays. I liked Kleo very much. She offered us some sweet Samos wine and after that I was lost and said to her, that we would come.
Kleoniki was very kind to meet us in ther home town Pythagorion for a cup of coffee down at the harbour. It was a lovely afternoon and evening. So thank you Kleo for your kindness.

In the village Platanos we had the choice of three restaurants that were in the center of the village. Vi choose LEON, it was just a feeling I had. Well, mother Irina is an eccellent chef.
We ordered: Stuffed tomatoes (the best I have ever eaten), tsatsiki, fried aubergines, greek salad and drank greek coffee and retsina. Gnammi, gnammi.

Platanos a little mountainvillage, Samos,

Taverna LEON, Mother Irina and daughter Leonida
Leonidas Rigas, Telephone 83200

I started photographing people only 7 years ago. Before it was all sorts of nature and my own family. Today I mostly take pictures of people. When I travel and I want to have a good portrait I want to have contact with the person. I can take pictures, just like that of people, but sometimes I feel I am going into their private life and I don't feel all the time comfortable of just taking the picture because of taking it. I want to have a connection with me behind the eyes of the persons I photograph.

It was not different in Samos.

We stayed at Kokkari for a week. The first night we went to the village to have supper and to look at the shops. We found a little jewellery shop called COOL CAT. I am not the kind of woman that stays in front of jewellery shops and just admires gold and diamonds. But I have a weakness for silver and for special designs. So Cool Cat was in fact a cool shop.

I fell in love in a ring but it was too big for my little fingers. But owner Apostolos looked at me and said that he could make the ring for me for the next day in the perfect size for my finger. And I already felt in love in the ring not to say no. So, the next day his lovely girlfriend Daniza, was there as well when I picked up my ring and we found eachother talking like friends. Not that I am a shy person, but some persons you feel connected to immediately.

Kalimera Daniza!

Apostolos and Daniza of Cool Cat in Kokkari, Samos

Saturday, the 12th of September I had the honour to meet this wonderful person.
He was walking with a long aluminium stair on his shoulders and two crutches along a little street of Mytilinii, a small village in the center of Samos. It's the only village without any view to the sea. I looked at the man and was completely fascinated of him. I went close to him with a big smile and asked, pointing on his hat, if he had been a soldier. It was love at first sight. He smiled back and started talking. We had a very intresting conversation in greek (which I know 10 words of), italian, german and english and the most of the time mixed with body language.

I figured out that he was 87 years old and that he had survived the 2nd world war and the liberation war. He told us about three german planes flying over the island and bombing, of italian soldiers occupaying the island of mine fields where he got injured and lost his foot.

He also told us that he never was married and was happy and thank God! But we never found out if he had any children out there, anyway I look at him and said that he must have had a bunch of ladies with those wonderful eyes he had. I surely believe he understood me, coz. he smile at me so warmly and like a little cheecky boy.

I asked him gently if it was ok if we could take a picture together and then if I could take a portrait of him. And he posed and said that he would love to have a copy, which I will send to him this week.

Panagioti Baba Kostantinou, Mitylinii

These are the meetings that I love when I travel. They are part of the country, of the culture, of the place, of history. They make my holidays specials and no more the less, my picture too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Igår kväll var det ukulele bandet KUBBARNA från Kungälv som var på tur i min studio.

8 glada artister med sina fina lila skjortor och hattar. Jag var riktig imponerad och alla var så mysiga. Tack för att ni kom!

Om någon vill boka de så är det bara att höra av sig till Margreth. Nummer har jag om ni så önskar!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


There is still fascination, even after 9 1/2 years in Sweden. Yes, I just love the Swedish sky!

In every season, with all his colours, this nordic light can still fascinate me. I can just look outside the window and look at the sky, the blue and grey tones, the colours by sunset or sunrise.

During the week-end I have been travelling to Danmark, but on the ferry I catched these two pictures. One early in the morning the other on the way back in the night with full moon reflecting into the water.

This is one of the reasons why I still love to be here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Är du kvinna 40+ och tycker att det kan vara ganska tråkig i livet, för att oj kroppen förändrar sig, hår bli vit??, du kanske håller på att byta jobb eller helt enkel har din 40 års krisen?

Bryta mönstret!! Utmana dig själv som Andrea gjorde.

"Jag söker mig själv, jag behöver bilden för att söka ny jobb men vill göra något för mig!" - lät det när hon ville boka tid hos mig.

Jag gav henne alternativ att ta Paket "S" eller "Paket M", båda med make-up artist den första med 2 klädesombyte den andra med 4 klädesombyte.

Andrea valde paket "M" och kom släpande med två stora väskor full med kläder, skor, smycke.

"Vi börjar med vardagen" - säger jag. Då kommer du in i fotograferingen och vi kan bygga därpå lite mer häftigare smink. Madde från började sitt konstverk. Vi valde lite businesskläder. En svart kavaj och skjol och en blommig blus. En enkel och ren vit bakgrund för att ta fram Andreas personlighet.

Vädret är tillräkligt fint för att gå ut och ta några utomhusbilder runt hörnet. En häftig lila stickad klänning med stövlar blir valet.

Andrea gillar läget. Hon poserarar som hon hade aldrig gjort något annat i sitt liv. Jag säger: "det är kanske dax att börja en modellkarriär inom reklambranschen?!"

Vi återvänder till studion för att lägga till sminket och byta för tredje gången kläder.

Andrea tar ut svängen. Nu ska vi ha riktig kul. Minnen och musik från 80-talet kommer upp och läderjacka och jeans tas fram. Vi kommer ihåg hur vi var på den tiden. Vad gjorde vi?

Ibland glömmer man sig själv i allt annat som man gör. Arbetet tar krafterna på en, familjen gör resten. Och kvinnan och person du har varit innan dess? Vart har hon tagit vägen?

Nix nu ska vi rocka loss här. Sista ombyte, en super rosa kavaj och en blå sidenklänning tillsammans med frisyren och uttrycket. Wow, vi Madde och jag vi bara tycker att Andrea är sååå fantastiskt. Maddes ord "Jag har en ny förebild".

Och så enkel kan det vara att förändrar även andras liv genom att vara förebild till de yngre som är omkring oss. Inte minns det....till sig själv och hitta tillbaka till ditt JAG. Ibland går det även med en fotografering!