Thursday, September 29, 2011


Summer 2011, the island of Farsö on Jyilland in Denmark. We just went off a little ferry and what do we the middle of eyes plopped out just to see if it was really and elefant. Yes yes, it was. Stop the car. Take out the 70-200 mm, 2.8 and shoot! Ramboline is the name of this cute elefant that spent time eating along the road. Cirkus Dannebrogs just on the other side of the bushes where Ramboline had a good time with herself.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Läs artikel och njut av min bild!


Today while cleaning my desk I found a brochure of the Castle Mandawa, a hotel we stayed in the heart of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is really colourful and is the reagion of the Rajputs. The little town of Mandawas is knows for it's mural frescoes in the havelis and temples.  I have to admit that normally I would not have the possibility to sleep in such a luxury place but due to the fact that I was travelling as a press photographer I had the great chance to try this kind of life as well.  Our room was amazing with high beds and a marvellous bathroom. Halv of the castle was turned into hotel while the other one was falling apart. Owned by two brothers where the one really cared about the tradition of the maharajas and the other just left it over. It was intresting to see the clear differences between the two parts.

This is one of the guards that you will meet at the entrance of the Castle Mandawa with this traditional clothes.

One evening we went upstairs and have a look of the surroundings. We felt someone was following us.
This mother with her 2 daughters catched us up on the top of one of the towers and asked us if we wanted to take a picture of her. I started to talk with her. She explained us that she had to take care of ther 2 daughters by herself. Her husband died a few years ago and the castle hired her to clean the rooms. So I thought, sure I can take a few picture of you. While travelling in India you have to be prepared that people don't do things without wanting money. In the beginning I got upset about it, but at the end I thought: "It's a job", of course they try to get the best out of it and especially here, in a luxury residence. She left with a big smile and this will always remain in my heart.

One of the tower of the Hotel. There are rooms everywhere.

Evening with buffe and music. The musicians were about 80 years old I guess, but played really good.

Our bedroom....or suite ....

The hall of the hotel

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


And suddenly one day I got a phone call from Norrland. "We would like to take pictures of one of our actors in Gothenburg" said the gentle voice on the other side of Sweden. "Sure, no problem". "We need a picture of him that we can put together as a collage with the pictures of the other actors".
A few days later actor Joakim Hedman from Gothenburg, that also played at Sunset Boulevard at the Gothenburg Opera came smiling to my humble studio with a bag full of clothes and hats.
We tried out a few poses and after one hour I had enough material to send to my customer.
And here is the result! Joakim is the guy with the blue hat.

And here you can find information on the musical


A wonderful little girl with plenty of energy and curiousity. She loves flowers. So her great parents took some yellow flowers to the studio for the shoot. We played as usually and then suddenly she put the flowers on the little chair and disappeared behind. And up she came and framed herself with the chair. I got in love in this picture, so spontaneous, so real. No fake, no do this, do that. She just did.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


13.00   A very nervous Fredrik came into the studio. Second time after a family shoot a few month before.
13.15   We open the bag and choose the clothes for the shoot.
13.30   Out on location
14.00   Härlanda Tjärn, 15 degrees, grey sky and a less nervous model ready for the water session.
            Finally after 45 minutes Fredrik relaxed and here we a viking should look like!!!

Girls, you can drule now!!

Have a nice week-end.

PS: Fredrik you were great!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday I was invited to attend a book release of my dear friend and customer Deborah Fronko.

GRAMMAR for the non-native speaker .

I will for sure read the entire book and see how to learn to write better in english.

For any of you, who wants to be better I can really recommand this little handsome and useable book.
You can buy at

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hvalpsund, Harvest Day (Denmark)

Skördefest, Harvest Day at Hessel.

During this years summer holidays we were lucky to visit one of the islands attraction. The summer harvest day at Hessel Museum.
Traditional wedding, traditional role play, dancing, old tractors and clothes.
Young and old assembled on a lovely hot summer day out in the country side.
Horses, carriages, food and drinks. Visit of the museum with furniture dated from 1850's.

It was a memorable day.

Information on this beautiful and only museum of Denmark with strawroof.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Time for a new calendar photosession. In heavy rainfalls we decided to take the chanse to make som photos.
Härlanda Tjärn on a late afternoon. Model Michael for the first time in front of the camera as a model did a great job. Rainfall, wind and chilly temperatures.
Fisherman pants and shoes and out in the water of the little lake 5 minutes away from the studio.

Happily it stopped raining after 5 minutes.

Here some of the pictures.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Here we have two cool boys, brothers. I like the fact of equal clothes coz the focus runs on their faces and personality instead. We had really a lot of fun together!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Nu har det kommit ut lite text och bilder på följande ditalmagasinet som handlar bara om vigsel

Kolla in och förbered er inför nästa bröllopssäsong. Bokningar är redan i full fart.