Friday, August 19, 2011


Det går bara inte att leva utan honom. Hela kvarteret älskar honom och hans mat.
Jag är nog den första som har blivit beronde.
Det tar mig tillbaka i tiden, när min mor lagade mat i Schweiz. Riktig god mat, med smak, med färska råvaror, förberedd med kärlek.
Fernando har öppnat sitt lilla lunch / catering ställe över ett år sedan och börjar etablerar sig på Solrosgatan i det mysiga Kålltorp, bara några gator från studion.
Då kan ni tänka vad glad jag blir, när det är 11.50. Jag går in på hemsida, kolla dagens menu och sen "travar" jag lycklig mot Coqen. Vi snackar. Den ena grannen kommer in. Den nästa. Vi hejar på varandra. Det börjar bli en vana för många av oss att träffas där.

Fernando lever på catering och på lunchlådor som man kan antingen äta där på plats eller ta med sig hem eller på jobbet. Jag lovar .... maten är varje gång, varje gång en höjdpunkt.

Tack Fernando för att du finns här i Kålltorp!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


....comon....we might make it..... 17.58....exit motorway....17.59.....Gallvik station ....... 18.03 we find a parking place...i step out.....nobody around.... and then i hear:
"Do you Lars H....want to take......", oh sh..... take the camera, run, run, run, like Forrest Gump. I throw myself literally into the audience. I fell on my but....ouch, up again...can't miss the YES..... I start shooting................I get the YES...., I made it!
Not that you think now that I normally come late to weddings. This was actually not a job, but my friends Greta and Lars got married the same day as my wedding job at Läckö Slott. Time was short. So, I really tried everything to make on time. Happy police didn't stopped us. Guess a few guest will never forget my entrance, neither.

I think Lars, doesn't get enought food, cause he tries to the the rice in his mouth...

On the roof of the garage, this lovely couple cutted together the love cake!

It was  wonderful evening, under the tree, close to the lake. It was full of love. Music, international food, laughter and a great sunset.

My dear friends, I wish you from the deep of my heart a great future together. Love Love Love Cornelia

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Läckö Slott, Sweden,

Saturday, 6th of august 2011

Weather : beautiful, a little bit too much sun for my taste, but I am happy for Kumiko and Pontus, because in the morning it was raining everywhere and I wondered how it would be.
But luck again on our side.

Japan meets Sweden in this beautiful landscape as Läckö Castle at the lake Vänern.

The wedding is hold in the "Kungssalen" - the kings hall. A wonderful room covered by paintings.

I meet Pontus for the first time outside the castle and I see Kumiko for the first time when she comes in with her beautiful dress into the hall just to get married. Her father waits for her at the door and leads her to the marriage counceler.

We take some group pictures outside and the couple pictures around the castle. Unfortunately the time is short and I do my best to get some beautiful bride and groom pictures outside the walls.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The entrance

In may we visited the Hallwylska Museum in Stockholm. In the middle of the big and busy town of Stockholm you can find a little paradise on his own. This original and fascinating house brings you back 100 years.  A family that buildet and furnished the house with the idea of making it a museum already at that time. Original old telephones, a luxyry bathroom, kitchen, and one of the first elevators of the town. This and more you can find at the museum. You can join a tour, that I hardly recommend to get the insider informations. We had a marvellous guide that really was keen on telling us some funny details of the family.
More informations you can find at

High tech of the period

One of a kind bathroom

The biliard room

Monday, August 8, 2011


And there we are.... TRULY LOVER TRIO from California guested the Old Style Weekend in Bakamo.
Swedish Stand-Up bass player Anders Höjlund from Gothenburg was invited to join the band during the tour in Sweden this summer.
The band started in Säterdalen the 26th of July and finished the tour yesterday in Alunda.

Marcel Riesco the bandleader and singer rocked together with the fans. A pure rockabilly band that ROCKS and spreads joy.

Anders Höjlund , Stand-Up Bass

Ricky Mc Cann, drums

crazy fans

The trio

After the concert

Marcel Riesco, vocal and guitar


Friday night, 5th of August 2011

I visited for the first time in my life an old style week-end. Friday afternoon we arrived and it was pooring down from the sky. Finally it was over and we made our entrance.  It was like going back in time. Old mobiles, in all colours, renovated and not. People dressed like in the 40's - 50's, music drilling out from the loudspeakers. Funny beer on sale, t-shirts, car pieces. People were really having fun and had something to talk about, exchange experiences, enjoy life.

Here some pictures from the night before the concert and the interview with TRULY LOVER TRIO from California.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Alice, or a part of her!

So now I am back from my short summer holidays and took me one day off from customers to finish som CD's for them. The telephone starts to ring again but I feel it's still cool and no stress.

Before I start working on my holidays pictures here some of the pictures taken just before I left 2 weeks ago.

Stella, 1 year

William, 6 months

New born baby Valde