Wednesday, September 29, 2010


If you haven't tried indian food you should definitively do it! It's a must even if some of the choices means having a fire exstinguisher side by side, but it's all worth. From the wonderful good bread offered in a large variety to all the vegetarian dishes you can taste. I have to admit that I am a vegetarian traveller. I eat meat at home but I think it's much more save to stick on vegetarian while away.

Due to the water problems that can cause colera you better eat only cooked food and trink water from the bottles. You will so avoid unhappy moments. It worked fine for us.

I have to admit that eating on the street like all the normal indians gives you definitively a memorable meal.
You can drink a masala chai, tea, with ginger and spices and condensed milk, sometimes that you can absolutely not miss.

Try also Gulam jaab, a sweet that is soft and sticky and I still don't knowhow they do it, but it tastes good and it's a good complement to finish you lunch or dinner or simply along with a sweet. Let me share some of the dishes we had along the road.

Here you can see a man preparing some kind of spaghetti that will be snacks. They will sell it in plastic bags and you can bring them along while travelling. Some kind of chips.

Masala chai

On an indian fast food you can get a plate with a complete meal. It turned out not to be fast food, cause it always takes a good time before you get it, but that is only a guarantee that they will cook it right away for you!

Gulam Jaab the dessert

Stuffed bread with potato and vegetable and sometimes you can choose with dried fruits and nuts.
Most of the bread is baked in butter. Very tasty!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Brown, black, white, multicolours, with or without tail, dirty, clean, insured, sometimes with only 3 legs. They all have a long nose and they all look so cute, that you would like to cuddle them. But you know you shouldn't cause they have a lot of desease. Not many in India owns their own dog, only the upper class might have a doggy at home or a big one to take care of the house.
Not only in Delhi you find a lot of dogs but everywhere in Rajastan, there were I just spent 15 days of holidays, mixed with job.

This dog follwed me for a while and then suddenly started to roll himself in the grass of the Red Fort.

He then followed me again and finally found his place in the shadow, as he would know I wanted to take this picture!

Friday, September 10, 2010


The camera equipment is ready, the out of office reply is ready, and if nothing really happens so I will be on my way to the airport tomorrow for a 2 week trip to India, to discover a part of the world that I have never seen with my eyes, that I never tasted and smelled like it's written in all the books and in the movies.
I will finally have time to to be there and travel all around Rajastan.

1. New Delhi
2: Agra
3. Bundi
4. Rajastan
5. Bikaner
6. New Delhi

I will try to put up some pictures and stories on my way if I find the time.

The studio opens again tuesday the 28th of September.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


En ambitiös och konstnärlig mamma som fixar allt för att få lite annorlunda bilder, en underbar liten flicka på 1 år som trivs i studion och lite fantasi och här har vi resultated på dagens fotografering.


Saturday, September 4, 2010


Idag var det Nina och Roger som klev fram i studion med sina två söta pojkar för att föregiva bröllopsdagen.

GRATTIS ni har kämpat bra trots den lite tuffare början! Men kolla vad fina ni är!